Our focus

The future of energy is here now
Industrial Energy Management

Remote Metering, Sub-Metering, Networking, Cellular & Wi-Fi Communications

GRIDview Cloud

Cyber Secure hardware interface and cloud management solution.

Demand Response

Mid-Market & Industrial End Nodes, RTU, Cellular and OEM solutions. Certified OpenADR 1.0, 2.0a/b.

Alternative Energy

Wind, Solar, Inverters and battery storage

Engineering Services

Pilot projects, wired, Wi-Fi, cellular networking or control systems design

About US

Uniquely Qualified for Industrial Internet of Things

Core Competence

GRIDlink represents the convergence of industrial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology with advanced Internet Cloud connectivity. This includes the ability to deploy thousands of control devices as Internet appliances over large areas on both wired and wireless networks.

Exclusive "Behind the Firewall Communications" provides Cyber Secure two way control and monitoring without opening a port in the firewall (no port forwarding).
This advanced technology has positioned GRIDlink Technologies as the only company to provide an easy to deploy, secure and versatile Cloud based Monitoring & Control System to the world wide Energy Market today.

GRIDlink embodies the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • Simplicity

    A qualified electrician with a wiring diagram is all that is needed. No special training required.

  • Scaleability

    Thousands of intelligent devices can be deployed and maintained remotely over wide areas and on multiple networks.

  • Security

    GRIDlink has undergone extensive 3rd party cyber security tests and has been certified to withstand cyber attacks originating inside and outside the firewall.

  • Support

    Cloud technology enables full product support without truck rolls. GRIDlink posts its vital statistics every few minutes and reports problems before the customer calls.


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